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The Services and Courses provided by us are strictly for informational and educational purposes only. You expressly acknowledge and assume all risk associated with your use of the Services and any subsequent actions you choose to take or not to take, as a result of the information or materials provided to you as part of the Services. Risks include, but are not limited to, engaging in physical activity, mindfulness and exercises that may lead to serious injury and damages, and/or financial damages, illness, headaches, disruption in sleep, dizziness, and changes in physical feelings and world outlook. Mindset and subconscious mind work and practices should not be done if you have any health or mental health concerns without the consultation of a doctor and/or regulated healthcare provider. You expressly acknowledge that the dangers and risks associated with the Membership, Services and Courses listed here are not complete. Your voluntary participation in the Membership, Services and Courses illustrates your understanding and assumption of all the risks and potential risks of the Services and Courses. All information, coaching education and exercises provided by us are general in nature and are not uniquely designed for any individual participant.

Not Personal Medical or Health Advice, No Patient-Client Relationship

While we have backgrounds and certifications in coaching and mindset practices, and may work with regulated healthcare providers and other professionals, you understand and agree that you are not receiving personalized advice as a result of using or purchasing any Services. You expressly acknowledge and agree that We are not acting i any professional capacity, including medical, legal, financial, or otherwise during the course of any Service. In no way is the information contained in the Services to be construed as personalized advice or diagnosis, and we confirm we are not acting in a regulated professional capacity or providing our professional services to you personally in any way. It is understood that by purchasing a Course or using any of our Services there is no patient-healthcare provider relationship formed. If you have medical questions related to your personal physical health, mental health and/or overall well-being, you should consult your doctor, licensed psychologist or other qualified mental health professional. We expressly disclaim any and all responsibility for any actions or omissions you choose to make as a result of using our Services.

Soundbaths, Breathwork, Hypnotheraphy, NLP, Guided Meditation, EFT Tapping are not a substitutes for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, mental health assessment & support medical treatment. These are not recommended and are not safe under certain medical and mental health conditions. You affirm that you alone are responsible to decide whether to practice of Soundbath Haven, Breathwork, Hypnotheraphy, Guided Meditation, EFT Tapping is for you. You hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or hereafter may have against Premajyoti (Karen Butel) and/or Golden Soul Yoga. 

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